Black racism, and race hatred of non blacks is real,virulent, and commonplace. There is plenty of evidence of this.

Although the violent black racists surely are a minority of the total black population, plenty of them are evident by their statements and writings, and evident in the interracial violent crime statistics

It is the goal of this blog to honestly address the documented evidence of this black racism and race hatred, knowing full well that the subject is taboo in the "liberal" Dogma, and that puts this blog at considerable risk being shut down for even raising the issue.

In doing so, this blog will also document evidence of the Corrupt Liberal Media ignoring, spinning away, or even censoring this widespread, black racism and hatred of non blacks from the American people.

Hopefully the moderators at Google have enough intellectual honesty and integrity to resist the totalitarian efforts from the left to shut it down.

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These crime cases are only a small fraction of the black on white violent crime, most of it motivated by race hatred. By contrast, white on black violent crime in modern times is extremely rare. Just try to find examples of it on the internet and you will see just how rare it is!

For perspective, a total of 40 people were murdered by white racists in the South in the Civil Rights Era, 1954 to 1968, according the the national Civil Rights Memorial LINK


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Sunday, April 29, 2012

11 more cases of black thugs attacking victims in their homes

Texas woman murdered in brutal home invasion

Two Katy men have been accused in the shooting death of a woman during a home invasion at her house in northwest Harris County earlier this year.

Olen Ware II, 20, and Keaton Cooper, 21, are charged with capital murder in the death of Peggy Ariza on Aug. 23,

Oklahoma man murdered in his home

Muskogee police have arrested at least three people in a shooting that left a Fort Gibson teen dead.

Ryan Satterfield, 17, was found dead at a residence at 1505 E. Okmulgee Ave., on Wednesday evening after police responded to a shooting call at 9:14 p.m., said Muskogee Police Lt. Bobby Lee.

Police made three arrests but were looking for more subjects in what Lee referred to as a “robbery gone bad.” Police arrested Martin Miller, 18, and Deandre Clark, 18, on complaints of first-degree murder and first-degree robbery. ......

“They came in and hit one boy in the head with a baseball bat and knocked him out,” Satterfield said. “They took the rest of the boys into the kitchen, made them kneel down and took their phones and money.”......

One of the boys there said he grabbed Ryan’s hand after he’d been shot, and Ryan told him, ‘Tell my mom and dad and brother and sister I love them, because I’m going to die tonight.’ (with photos)
Black thug beats Ohio neighbor to death in her home with baseball bat

Rayshawn Johnson

Today, a new Hamilton County jury will determine if a man already sentenced to die should go back to death row. Rayshawn Johnson was convicted of murdering his neighbor Shannon Marks more than a decade ago but because of a problem during his sentencing phase all those years ago, he'll be re-sentenced by a new jury.

He slipped out of the apartment — he lived with his grandmother — and went into the Markses’ bathroom on Nov. 12, 1997, where Shanon Marks was getting ready to go to work at Procter & Gamble. It was the couple’s third wedding anniversary.

Johnson beat the 29-year-old with the bat 13 times, the last three in the head, probably so she couldn’t identify her attacker. Her husband found her body 13 hours later in a pool of her blood.

In addition to the fatal blows that fractured her skull, she also suffered a broken jaw and a broken left arm.

more details:

Black thug beats two  Spokane women to death with baseball bat

Third woman survives but crippled for life.

OLYMPIA – Tossing out a long list of alleged trial problems, the state Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the conviction and death sentence of Dwayne Anthony Woods, who in 1996 beat two women to death in a Spokane Valley trailer.....

Eight years ago, a Spokane jury convicted Woods of beating to death 22-year-old Telisha Shaver and 18-year-old Jade Moore, and of the attempted murder of Shaver’s sister, 20-year-old Venus Shaver. All were clubbed in the head with an aluminum baseball bat.........
One of the victims who was raped and murdered by this black thug

Florida couple murdered in their home

Two of his 5 murder victims

On the evening of December 20, 1989, Louis Gaskin spotted a light in the Palm Coast home of Robert and Georgette Sturmfels. Gaskin parked his car in the woods and, with a loaded gun, approached the Sturmfels home. He saw the Sturmfels in the den and fired two shots through the window, striking Mr. Sturmfels.

When Mrs. Sturmfels rose to leave the room, Gaskin shot her once and Mr. Sturmfels once more. Mrs. Sturmfels crawled into the hallway, and when Gaskins saw her through an outside door, he shot her again.

Gaskin then pulled out a window screen, broke a window, and entered the house. He fired one more bullet into each of the Sturmfels’ heads and covered the bodies with blankets. Gaskin then burglarized the house, taking lamps, VCRs, cash, and jewelry.

Gaskin then went to the home of Joseph and Mary Rector, whom he also found in the den of their home. .... The Rectors managed to escape in their car.......

Tennessee man murdered in his apartment

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Police say they've found one of men behind a deadly shooting in Fort Sanders last Thursday.

Tuesday morning Knox County Sheriff's deputies arrested Devin Jamison at a house on Parkview Avenue.
Authorities believe Jamison killed 19-year-old Sawyer Webb during a robbery attempt at a Grand Forest apartment and shot Crestus Roser in the leg.

Two California women savagely attacked in their home

VICTORVILLE - The capital murder trial of Sherhaun K. Brown got under way here last week, 41⁄2 years after the Moreno Valley man was charged with the stabbing death of a Yucca Valley woman.

Brown is accused of breaking into a house in the 57000 block of Canterbury in the Yucca Mesa area around 6:30 a.m. May 7, 2007, and stabbing 54-year-old Kristy Vert to death. He also is charged with raping and slashing the throat of Vert's daughter-in-law, who lived at the home with her two young children......

After Brown got the money, he raped and sodomized Vert’s daughter-in-law,

The 4-year-old came out and witnessed the rape, the victim said.

 After raping her, Brown slit her throat.

Vert was found dead in another room with stab wounds.

Survivors traumatized

The surviving victim told the jury that her oldest son, now 9, has become “close-minded” and doesn’t speak much since the killing.

“He’s a completely different child, and as a parent, I don’t know what to do,” she said. “I feel like I’m a bad person.”

She said she had lived in constant fear for two years after the vicious attack, feeling as though someone was coming after her or looking at her.

“It was like a living hell,” she said.

She was in the hospital for about a month, trying to recover from a vocal cord injury, “not knowing if I was ever gonna talk again or tell my kids I love them,” she said.

When a male nurse came in to change her intravenous lines, she screamed, pulled out her tubes and ran away from her room because he reminded her of Brown, she testified.

“Now I look back, I feel bad about that. But at the time, I was scared,” she said
She’s since moved to a new house surrounded by a fence. She put four or five locks on most doors and a security screen on every door. She installed a security system and got a pit bull.

“I have a gun now,” she said.

Murder victim and grandson

3 black thugs murder elderly Texas woman in her home

Willie Earl Pondexter Jr. and accomplices Ricky Bell, Deon Williams, and James Henderson met together and discussed robbing Martha Lennox, a wealthy 84-year-old woman in Clarksville.

 After Pondexter kicked in the front door, all four of them went inside and went upstairs to Lennox's bedroom. The victim was there, sitting on her bed. Williams then took $7 from the victim's coin purse. Lennox was then shot twice in the head with a 9 mm pistol.

 Pondexter then shot Lennox in the head and said, "that's how you smoke a bitch."

 The intruders then fled in the victim's car. ....

Martha W. Lennox
White / Female /age  85

Florida woman murdered in her home

SUNRISE, Fla. -- Police say an 18-year-old woman used her cell phone to call 911 for help Monday night, but by the time officers arrived, she had been killed.

Sunrise police said when officers arrived at the apartment building at 5990 N.W. 19th St. just after midnight, Christine Myers was lying dead in a hallway.

Police arrested 26-year-old Edward Mosie Howard on Tuesday.

Investigators said Myers and Howard knew each other, but investigators said they don't know a motive for the killing.

Illinois nurse brutally murdered in her home

Brutal black on Asian (Philippineno) homicide

Thug used  victims stolen  wedding rings to propose to his girlfriend$GpmuXFPc$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYuRyxX6azw5TYb77y2s8mp1WCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg

A parolee who fatally beat and robbed an elderly nurse in Bridgeport last month used the dead woman’s engagement and wedding rings to propose to his girlfriend, Cook County prosecutors said Thursday.

Raymond Harris, 36, showed the rings off at a party just hours after he attacked Virginia Perillo in her garage in the 3300 block of South Parnell, assistant state’s attorney Melissa Howlett said. In addition to her rings, Harris also took Perillo’s purse, Howlett said.

Perillo, 73, was discovered by a neighbor in a pool of blood with severe head injuries and defense wounds to her forearms on the night of Oct. 22. The brain-dead woman died at Stroger Hospital two days later.$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYuOqmQN8KVRqb8xJoVmtGJvWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg

Virginia Perillo wears her wedding rings at the wedding of her son.
Mississippi woman murdered in her home

High school football coach shot, his wife murdered.

NEW ALBANY, MS - (WMC-TV) – One suspect has been charged in the murder of Amanda Price, the wife of the New Albany High School football coach, who was shot while standing in her own back door.

New Albany Mississippi Police have charged 20-year-old Craig Baker with one count of capital murder, one count of aggravated assault and two counts of burglary of an automobile.

Police believe Amanda Price went outside with her dog and startled the men, who shot her. Coach Price was then shot while responding to his wife's screams.


scratch said...

There is no way we can expect to live in a harmonious society with these primitive animals.
Geographic seperation is the only humane way to deal with these things.

Anonymous said...

The first case involving Keaton Cooper and Olen Ware II actually involved two more was Caucasian and the other was Hispanic.

Nicawawa said...

Thanks for the tip.

Because I post so many examples I don't have time to do follow ups or in depth research on the cases I post. I depend on the commenters to correct any shortcomings in my posts.

You are correct. The two other thugs were arrested later and were not in the initial news reports.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have been killed , made slaves, tossed to the sharks by white, mistreated, false imprisoned and a host of other injustices for centuries by whites, the native Americans were killed off their land and those that survived were put on reservations by WHITES, 99.9% of the serial killers and mass murderers are white, so please stop perpetuating the hate and prejudices, everyone knows what this is really all about...We don't see see any in-depth reporting of the thousands of black bodies dragging, fake stand your ground shootings etc. I and many others believe this is to provoke and conjure up the racist base. Yes every ethnic and race have bad people, but lets not start playing the "i'm from a innocent race" card...You should be trying to find a way to love and help others instead of peddling a one side racist liars..smh

Anonymous said...

Blacks have been killed , made slaves, tossed to the sharks by white, mistreated, false imprisoned and a host of other injustices for centuries by whites, the native Americans were killed off their land and those that survived were put on reservations by WHITES, 99.9% of the serial killers and mass murderers are white, so please stop perpetuating the hate and prejudices, everyone knows what this is really all about...We don't see see any in-depth reporting of the thousands of black bodies dragging, fake stand your ground shootings etc. I and many others believe this is to provoke and conjure up the racist base. Yes every ethnic and race have bad people, but lets not start playing the "i'm from a innocent race" card...You should be trying to find a way to love and help others instead of peddling a one side racist liars..smh

SJ said...


Let's get real.

Are you kidding me? ANY incident involving "White on Black violence" is immediately blasted across all mainstream media outlets, often in manipulated, distorted sound bytes. Black on White violence never receives that steroidal hype, yet it happens everyday.
By burying your head in the sand you become part of the problem.
Whether you realize it or not, that line of thinking perpetuates racism and victim hood.

Anonymous said...

On a evalutionary scale Africans are 2000yrs behind......Its a proven fact ..DNA dosent Lie...Neither do the jails or prisons...And its not white mans fault there are there ..They have the same opportunities as evryone else if not more..So tell me am Iying ?

Buzz House said...

Seen the first on first 48

Anonymous said...

Most serial killers are white? Serial means more than one. Therefore all the black gang members who have killed other gang members are serial killers. Raise hell and kill nigger babies!!!

Anonymous said...

Black racism is out of control!! It just aggravates me they can have all black beauty pageants, no problem, all black colleges and schools, that's fine! If white race tries it: LORD HELP!!! Then and only then isit racism. Real housewives atlanta oozes obnoxious racism. Chips on shoulders, random, senseless acts of violence in New Orleans they are killing each other!! They wait around waiting to take something out of context so Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can get on tv. Blacks accuse whites of hating but it is the other way around!!! Get over this oppressed crap NOONE OWES YOU ANYTHING!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like how you all think your racist remarks do better than these people committing crimes. All you're doing is perpetuating the stereotype of whites being racist, and not doing anything to help the cause. You think your hatred is doing something for a better cause? If there is one thing all of you are accomplishing, it's not only making yourselves look like ignorant fools, but as well setting back the human race from furthering ourselves. All in all, it's just a vicious cycle, that has no end in site. I'm just glad the majority of the country isn't as idiotic as you people.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe anyone would post this racist crap. I come from a small rural community, which had ZERO African Americans in the community. That means, that ALL the crime was committed by WHITE PEOPLE. Although crime against others is cruel, we shouldn't just be pointing out crimes committed by blacks. The fact is, I know more "bad" white people than I don black people

Anonymous said...

then you dont know many black people. far more racist and woe is me then any other race. jews had it way worse, dont hear them crying about it blaming others. and far more whites were slaves then blacks ever were but blacks need an excuse for their own shortcomings. they can cry racism all they want and blame slavery etc, but the fact remains, they make the choice to be scum. obama made it, but i guess thats just cause he had whites to influence him. blacks just keep each other down cause misery loves company. they run when others need help while whites try to help. they wont "snitch" and then blame whites for them living in shithole ghettos full of violence. whites tell the cops who did it so they are removed and we can continue in peace. blacks hide the criminals from "the man"... its their fault, no one elses... there are just as many, if not more white ghettos, yet the crime is far lower... but its white peoples fault... yeah ok...

Anonymous said...

So if blacks use excuses for slavery, what is the excuse of white racist. What's the pointe of hating Africans/ blacks? Your ancestry is linked back to Africa like everyone in this world. No one is stopping you seperate yourselves, im tired of hearing that 50 year old statement of separating races...its hilarious get over it already it will never happened. How about you all separate yourselves on another your all white supreme race on Mars.

rhegroup said...

Not only are you lying, you are totally full of shit. Just about all of the horrible things done to man, by man, in the history of the world, were done by Caucasians. Historically speaking, just looking at the behavior of the Nazis, past and present, says enough about what white men are capable of. Grow up chump, educate yourself with real history, and maybe then you won't sound, and be so stupid.

Anonymous said...

How could you even say Jets had it worse. You need to know of your history

Anonymous said...

This is so politically incorrect and every more accurate. Liberals refute the facts since it doesn't fit in with their agenda. It takes guts to present the truth with supporting documentation when it flies in the face of societal norm. It's better to know the truth and be able to find solutions than to continue living in complete ignorance.