Black racism, and race hatred of non blacks is real,virulent, and commonplace. There is plenty of evidence of this.

Although the violent black racists surely are a minority of the total black population, plenty of them are evident by their statements and writings, and evident in the interracial violent crime statistics

It is the goal of this blog to honestly address the documented evidence of this black racism and race hatred, knowing full well that the subject is taboo in the "liberal" Dogma, and that puts this blog at considerable risk being shut down for even raising the issue.

In doing so, this blog will also document evidence of the Corrupt Liberal Media ignoring, spinning away, or even censoring this widespread, black racism and hatred of non blacks from the American people.

Hopefully the moderators at Google have enough intellectual honesty and integrity to resist the totalitarian efforts from the left to shut it down.

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These crime cases are only a small fraction of the black on white violent crime, most of it motivated by race hatred. By contrast, white on black violent crime in modern times is extremely rare. Just try to find examples of it on the internet and you will see just how rare it is!

For perspective, a total of 40 people were murdered by white racists in the South in the Civil Rights Era, 1954 to 1968, according the the national Civil Rights Memorial LINK


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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Congressional Aide murdered for being white on a public street in Washington DC

Killer told his bros, 'Lets go get a white man"

Hat tip to Conatus for the story.

Classic photo of black on white violent crime taken by an ATM security camera of a robbery in progress

Senate aide Samuel T. "Tom" Barnes, slain two years ago on a street corner near the Capitol, was described in court yesterday as the victim of an indiscriminate shooting by an assailant who told friends moments before the killing: "Let's go get a white man."

Two prosecution witnesses testified in D.C. Superior Court that Edward Ellsworth Evans, now 21, approached Barnes from behind at Seventh and Acker streets NE, pointed a pistol at Barnes's head and shot him at close range in an unprovoked attack.

—Tom Barnes, a congressional aide for Alabama Senator Richard Shelby was shot in the head by a teenager, Edward Evans Jr., who lived down the street from Barnes in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Barnes died four days later and was killed nine months after LaShawn Evans had been murdered. Despite overwhelming evidence against Edward Evans Jr., his trial ended in a hung jury with one juror refusing to convict him.[4],_D.C.


 In 1992, a white congressional aide working for Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama was accosted at his home in Washington, D.C., and shot to death. A few weeks later, Edward Evans, a young black man, was arrested. Two friends of Evans testified that they saw him shoot the young staffer.

 One of them said that Evans harbored strong antiwhite sentiments and promised he was going to kill a white man. 

The material evidence against Evans, presented at trial, seemed overwhelming. Yet although eleven jurors including five blacks, initially agreed that Evans was guilty of murder, one African American woman, Velma McNeil, refused to convict.

 A frustrated white jury foreman claimed to the judge that "one juror" was simply unwilling to give credence to the prosecution's evidence against Evans. He also stated later that, during jury deliberations, McNeil told fellow jurors that the exoneration of Los Angeles police officers who beat black motorist Rodney King showed the systematic bias of the judicial system against blacks. The consequence was a hung jury, and the judge was forced to declare a mistrial.  

A Washington Post photograph shows McNeil emerging from the courtroom, smiling, chatting, and embracing a relative of the accused. 

Racist black jurors like McNeil to be  common in  future trials of black thugs based on the so- called "Racial Justice Act"mentioned below.

North Carolin  thug's death penalty overturned under  misnamed "Racial Justice Act"

 Black judge rules that there were too many blacks excluded from the jury. Two black jurors on the jury was not enough for "racial justice". The goal evidently is to get  racist black jurors who will refuse to convict black thugs guilty of violent crimes against whites like in the previous  murder case  of Samuel T Barnes..

Smiling  hate killer  happy that  Critical Race Theory  via the "Racial Justice Act" has as clicked in and overturned his death penalty

In 1991, 18-year-old Marcus Reymond Robinson and a friend convinced Erik Tornblom, 17, to give them a ride home from a gas station.

Robinson and his friend then pulled a gun on Tornblom, forced him to drive to a field, took his car and his money and shot him in the face with a saw offed shotgun..

A jury later convicted Robinson, who is black, of pulling the trigger on Tornblom, who was white. The prosecution presented evidence that Robinson said he wanted to kill a "whitey".

He was sentenced to death and scheduled to be executed in 2007

Shot in the face with a shotgun for being white

1 comment:

AgainstPC said...

Hello !

I'm a black person who is as we can say 'up from victimhood'. I've been posting on many black websites under the pseudonym "SDN" in order to bring a dissident voice to the pervasive victimhood ideology that holds blacks down by telling them that all of their problem is the fault of "institutional racism".

I came across your website and I think it documents well the issue of Black racism but the ugly thing most of these cases are mostly mediatized by white nationalists whose anti-black hatred is a cornerstone of their ideology who exploit these tragedies in order to foster racial animosity. I think people who express this kind of hate strip themselves of any legitimacy of raising this problem. I'm grateful for your restraint and your refusal to give racists an audience in your comments although I don't agree with every of your posts.

As a counterpart to this sorry mistrial caused by a black racist juror here's a link to a news report about the subsequent conviction of the murderer:

Hopefully some Blacks can be instrumental in convicting Black criminals:

*In the OJ Simpson CIVIL trial in 1997. Only 9 out 12 jurors was necessary to sentence the man. Two black women voted for a guilty sentence making the verdict unanimous.

*Two black jurors where among the jury that re-convicted Hurricane Carter.

*Four black women were among the jurors (one of them was the foreman) who acquitted the four cops involved in the not-racist shooting of Amadou Diallo

*8 black jurors among 12 sentenced to life in prison serial killer Wayne Williams in 1982

*8 black jurors were among the 12 people who convicted in 1990 in Atlanta Emmanuel Hammond and Maurice Porter for raping and killing Julie Love

*Around the same time 7 black jurors among 12 declared Troy Davis guilty of killing white cop Mark MacPhail. Years later with the "Doubt campaign" going full throttle to disinform the public some Black justice officials refuse to bow dow to tribalism:
-James E. Donald and Albert Murray respectively Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Board of Pardons who refused to grant clemency to Davis
-Harold Melton from the Georgia Supreme Court who wrote the majority opinion to deny Davis a new trial in 2008
-Clarence Thomas from SCOTUS joined with Scalia to refuse Davis a request in august 2009