Black racism, and race hatred of non blacks is real,virulent, and commonplace. There is plenty of evidence of this.

Although the violent black racists surely are a minority of the total black population, plenty of them are evident by their statements and writings, and evident in the interracial violent crime statistics

It is the goal of this blog to honestly address the documented evidence of this black racism and race hatred, knowing full well that the subject is taboo in the "liberal" Dogma, and that puts this blog at considerable risk being shut down for even raising the issue.

In doing so, this blog will also document evidence of the Corrupt Liberal Media ignoring, spinning away, or even censoring this widespread, black racism and hatred of non blacks from the American people.

Hopefully the moderators at Google have enough intellectual honesty and integrity to resist the totalitarian efforts from the left to shut it down.

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These crime cases are only a small fraction of the black on white violent crime, most of it motivated by race hatred. By contrast, white on black violent crime in modern times is extremely rare. Just try to find examples of it on the internet and you will see just how rare it is!

For perspective, a total of 40 people were murdered by white racists in the South in the Civil Rights Era, 1954 to 1968, according the the national Civil Rights Memorial LINK


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." Martin Luther King

"We can easily understand a child for being afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when adults are afraid of the light" Plato

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

27 white "Emmet Tills";  White victims brutally beaten or murdered for "disrespecting" racist black thugs

Emmet Till is a famous black victim of white racist violence.

 Till was brutally murdered in Mississippi in 1955 for  reportedly wolf whistling at the white wife of a  store owner.

 Put in the parlance of the 21st century, Till "dissed"or "disrespected" the white racist thug  by wolf whistling and flirting with his wife.

From the Urban Dictionary:


A shortened version of "disrespect"
Example "Why you be dissin' me?"

Emmet Till age 14 six months before he was murdered

Just how well known in history is Emmet Till?

Till continues to be the focus of literature and memorials. A statue was unveiled in Denver in 1976 (and has since been moved to Pueblo, Colorado) featuring Till with Martin Luther King, Jr. Till was included among the forty names of people who had died in the Civil Rights Movement (listed as martyrs[104]) on the granite sculpture of the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama, dedicated in 1989. In 1991, a 7-mile (11 km) stretch of 71st Street in Chicago, was renamed "Emmett Till Road".

James McCosh Elementary School in Chicago, where Till had been a student, was renamed the "Emmett Louis Till Math And Science Academy" in 2005.[106] The "Emmett Till Memorial Highway" was dedicated between Greenwood and Tutwiler, Mississippi, the same route his body took to the train station on its way to Chicago. It intersects with the H. C. "Clarence" Strider Memorial Highway.[107]
 In 2007, Tallahatchie County issued a formal apology to Till's family, reading "We the citizens of Tallahatchie County recognize that the Emmett Till case was a terrible miscarriage of justice. We state candidly and with deep regret the failure to effectively pursue justice. We wish to say to the family of Emmett Till that we are profoundly sorry for what was done in this community to your loved one."[108] The same year, Georgia congressman John Lewis,  sponsored a bill that provides a plan for investigating and prosecuting unsolved Civil Rights era murders. The Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act was signed into law in 2008.[109]

The name and story of Emmet Till is also etched in stone at the National Civil Rights Memorial  which lists a total of 40 people murdered by the Klan and their supporters in the South from 1954 to 1968 LINK

The murder of Emmet Till is one of the most widely know examples of white  racist violence against blacks yet there are dozens of white "Emmit Tills" who have been, brutal beaten and murdered for "dissing" racist blacks that are almost totally unremembered today.. These 8 white Emmett Tills  listed below are just a small fraction of the thousands of whites who been murdered by black thugs since then.

Thomas Cunningham Murdered in front of his young daughter when his dog "dissed" a black thug by sniffing him.

Chris Kernich, Beaten to death after he "dissed" some black thugs by yelling "Watch where you are going" after almost being run down by their car.

 Evelyn Wagler Burned alive for "dissing" black thugs by being seen walking on the sidewalk.

Darrel Johnson Beaten to death for "dissing" 3 black thugs by walking with a cane near his home.

James Wilbur Lybrand III Shot in the head for"dissing" black thugs by walking on a public street.

Troy Knapp Beaten to death for dissing a black mob by riding his bicycle on a public street

Jerry Newington Brutally stomped to death by black mob for dissing them with his presence on a public street

 Wendy Fisher. Gunned down by a black thug in front of her home for "disrespecting him by  yelling at his speeding car to slow down after it nearly ran over her dog 

 Kennia Durran and Julian Soler, both murdered in cold blood despite being helpless and cooperating with their attackers. Male victim "dissed" black thug because he "didnt seem scared enough" so they were gunned down.

3 more white Emmet Tills at this LINK

 Andrew Arosemena  Shot in the head and murdered for dissing a car full of blacks blocking the exit of a parking garage by telling them to "Hurry up"

 Carl Berry Beaten to death for dissing a group of 6 black thugs with the wrong kind of eye contact.

 Gordon Rees Jr. Gunned down on the street for dissing  blacks in a car driving recklessly by yelling for them to slow down

14 more white Emmet Tills at this LINK

California man murdered in front of his young daughter

Black thug felt that he had been "dissed" when  the white mans  dog sniffed him so he murdered him in front of his 13 year old daughter.


As family and a community mourn, police say they are getting a pretty good description of the killer. The man is wanted for killing Thomas Cunningham in front of his 13-year-old daughter. The Hayward father had just bought the two ice cream at a corner market.

So when this Hayward man was fatally shot Tuesday night, while walking home after getting ice cream with his daughter, even police were stunned.

Hayward police released a sketch of the suspect and hope that anyone with information will call them. The suspect is a young, black male, 18 to his early 20s, 5'6 - 5'10", with a slim build wearing a dark colored hoodie with a white logo on the front.

Thomas Cunningham was out for a short walk with his 13 year daughter and their dogs on the evening of November 24. One of the dogs sniffed at a black man. The black man didn’t like it, began arguing with Cunningham, pulled out a gun and shot Cunningham dead in front of his daughter.

Ohio college student beaten to death for "dissing" black thugs

White victim was murdered for yelling "Watch where you are going" after almost being run down by their car

AKRON — A former star athlete at Fairborn High School, now a Kent State University student, remained in critical condition Tuesday, Nov. 17, at an Akron hospital two days after he was severely beaten in what police called an unprovoked assault. 
Victims mother weeps at the  trial of her son's murderers

Mother and  murdered son in happier times

Now for some white victims who dissed their black murderers by just being in their sight

 First, some background from  the book of a Washington post reporter, who was part of a racist black mob in his younger days that attacked a white bicyclist for  just being in their sight.

 'kicked him in the head and face and watched the blood gush from his mouth'

Nathan McCall ( A probable affirmative action hire and a "journalist" for the Washington Post in his autobiography “Makes Me Wanna Holler”) —

Imagine if a white journalist wrote about his younger days in a white racist mob attacking black victims? You think the Washington Post would have hired him? Or any newspaper would have hired him?
“The fellas and I were hanging out on our corner one afternoon when the strangest thing happened. A white boy … came pedaling a bicycle casually through the neighborhood. … Somebody spotted him and pointed him out to the rest of us. ‘Look! What’s that motha doin’ ridin’ through here?! Is he crraaaazy?!’

We caught him on Cavalier Boulevard and knocked him off the bike. … Ignoring the passing cars, we stomped him and kicked him. My stick partners kicked him in the head and face and watched the blood gush from his mouth. I kicked him in the stomach and nuts, where I knew it would hurt. Every time I drove my foot into his balls, I felt better … one dude kept stomping, like he’d gone berserk …

When he finished, he reached down and picked up the white dude’s bike, lifted it as high as he could above his head, and slammed it down on him hard. … We walked away, laughing, boasting, competing for bragging rights about who’d done the most damage.

[Nathan McCall, Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America, Random House, 1993, p. 3

Boston woman burned alive for walking on a public sidewalk while white

Her presence  obviously "dissed" the 6 black thugs who burnt her alive with gasoline

Evelyn Wagler, white victim of viscous black hate crime

In late September, 1973, Evelyn Wagler had just moved from Chicago to Boston's Blue Hill Avenue neighborhood. She was white and living in a mostly African-American neighborhood. She had separated from her husband and child, and was seeking employment in Boston.

At about 9:00 pm on October 2, Evelyn ran out of gas near her house while borrowing a car. She walked eleven blocks to a filling station carrying a small empty gas can.

On her return, six black teenagers confronted her. They forced her down an alley and behind a building. They beat her up and shouted racial slurs. The teenagers demanded she pour the gasoline on herself. She complied on threat of more violence. One teenager then flicked a match at Evelyn, and she burst into flames. The teenagers walked away in laughter.

Evelyn Wagler tried in vain to roll on the ground and put out the fire. She was receiving second and third degree burns all over her body. Charred and smoldering, with her hair burnt down to her scalp and face blackened, she crossed the street and walked over to a liquor store. She calmly asked, "Will you please call an ambulance?" and then left the store. Bystanders grabbed a coat and covered her, and she was taken to the emergency room by a policeman.

Evelyn Wagler died four hours later. ......

Three black thugs beat and stomp elderly white victim to death for walking on a public street while white in Washington State

The attack was unprovoked. The victim was walking with a cane near his house. Police listed the motive as "robbery" although nothing was taken. 
He obviously "dissed" the black thugs with his presence a block from his home

TACOMA - A Pierce County judge Thursday sentenced 19-year-old Andrew Brown to 30 years in prison for the brutal beating death of Darrel Johnson as families of the two men scuffled in the courtroom.

Johnson, a retired Port of Tacoma maintenance electrician, was just weeks shy of his 70th birthday when he was attacked January 8 during the daily walk he takes through his east Tacoma neighborhood.

He was near his home at 69th and McKinley walking with the help of a cane he has used since hip replacement surgery. Witnesses said the attacker knocked Johnson to the ground, kicked him in the face, and began stomping on his head before running away.

He died in the hospital one week after the attack.

Andrew Brown was sentenced in the slaying of 69-year-old Darrel Johnson, a Navy submarine veteran and retired port electrician. Brown pleaded guilty in October to first-degree murder in Pierce County Superior Court.

After the judge sentenced Brown, the families began yelling at each other. A melee broke out when one woman complained that the sentence was unfairly long, given the victim's age.

"The man was 69, he wasn't going to live forever," she said.
Johnson, using a cane after hip-replacement surgery, was beaten Jan. 9 during his usual morning walk in his east Tacoma neighborhood. He died a week later from multiple injuries, including those to his neck, which had been stomped on and crushed.

The alleged motive was robbery, though nothing apparently was taken. Rolling Eyes

Brown was one of three people charged in the case. First-degree-murder charges are pending against Tandra Rae Moses, 17, and Justin James Montgomery, 21.

no preview ... rt11m.html

South Carolina man murdered for "Walking on a public street while white"

He obviously "dissed" the shooter by being in his sight

Lexington County (WLTX) - Lexington County deputies have charged two men who they say randomly picked out a man and killed him.

Detectives have charged 22-year-old Phillip Harold Jackson and 20-year-old D'Marqus Laquen Thomas with murder.

On November 1, deputies say Jackson and Thomas used a handgun to shoot 20-year-old James Wilbur Lybrand III in the head.

At the time of the killing, Lybrand was walking in the 600 block of Old Wire Road near West Columbia. 

Investigators say the men came up beside him in a car, and asked him to come to their vehicle. When they did, officers say the pair shot Lybrand at close range.

Man beaten into a vegetative state for  riding a bicycle on a public street in South Carolina;Dies 10 years later

"When I first saw him in the hospital, I said 'They beat him to death. He just didn't die,' " his aunt, Annie Minnick, said.
Victim savagely beaten nearly to death by a black mob for  riding a bicycle on a public street while white.
A local crime story that would have been a national national hate crime story for weeks if the races were reversed

He obviously "dissed" the black mob by just being in their sight


"Troy Knapp's killing was 10 years in the making, a gradual death by inches and degrees.
His brutal beating at the hands of an angry mob sparked outrage and spurred marches a decade ago. But long after the headlines faded, Knapp soldiered on in a battered and broken body that no longer responded to his commands.
Bedridden, in chronic pain and saddled with seizures, Knapp hung on until Nov. 6, when his body finally gave out for good. At age 43, he became North Charleston's 11th homicide of 2009, the victim of a slow-motion killing too old to carry the possibility of a murder charge.
Six men were convicted of lynching in the attack on Knapp. Just two remain in prison, though they are expected to be released within the year."

Previous stories

Mob beating victim bed-ridden; published 06/09/00
Knapp attackers get prison time; Six plead guilty to lesser charge, published 05/15/01

a'Knapp, a former auto mechanic, was 34 when he and friend Gary Thornburg were attacked while riding their bicycles near Bexley Street and South Rhett Avenue. Thornburg escaped serious injury, but Knapp was beaten so badly he was in a coma for weeks.

"When I first saw him in the hospital, I said 'They beat him to death. He just didn't die,' " his aunt, Annie Minnick, said. 

When Knapp finally awoke, he was mostly paralyzed, unable to walk or take his young son on the fishing trips they used to share. Doctors had to remove a portion of his brain and a section of skull, leaving him with a large depression in his head. He couldn't remember much about the attack itself.

Police initially charged 16 suspects between the ages of 14 and 22. The case stoked racial tensions, as the suspects are black and the two victims white.
But police have said robbery, not race, appeared to be the motive for the assault.  Rolling Eyes

After the case ended with guilty pleas from a half-dozen defendants in the spring of 2001, Knapp carried on as best he could. Unable to feed, clean or care for himself, he continued to live in a small, weathered home on Lambert Street, where his family tended to his many needs.

Knapp's family went into debt to pay for his funeral, his sister said. He never got a dime of the restitution money his attackers had been ordered to pay, and no life insurance company would touch him.

Man stomped to death in Illinois by black mob for  riding a bicycle on a public street while white

 Another white man was nearly beaten to death  by the same mob for the crime of being in a public park while white

Both whites obviously "dissed" the black mob by being in their presence.

This clearly was a racist hate crime. Aside from the fact that whites are not protected by the Hate Crime Laws according to Attorney General, Eric "My People" Holder, note how a racial motive is not even mentioned in the "reporting" by the local Corrupt Liberal Media.

White said he observed Deonta Johnson, Elliott Murphy and Fredrick Rhone attack the victim. He also saw Murphy stomping on the victim's head.

White said he saw that the victim was badly injured and not moving at the time of the attack. He later heard Murphy bragging about stomping on the victim's head.

White also admitted that he was present at the robbery and attack of Kevin Wilson, 46, which occurred about 70 minutes later in Garfield Park.

White said he saw Murphy jump on Wilson's head with both feet. He later saw Murphy wiping blood off his shoes with a towel.

DECATUR - Elliott T. Murphy, the leader in the savage stomping attacks by a mob of nine teens that resulted in the death of one man and the near death of another, has been sentenced to 80 years in prison.
Murphy was sentenced Wednesday by Steadman to 55 years in prison for the murder of 61-year-old Jerry Newingham and 25 years for the attempted murder of Kevin S. Wilson, then 46, in attacks on Aug. 24, 2009, on the city's north side.

"This case is one of those cases that truly scares the heck out of people," Wagoner said. "The average citizens can see themselves riding home from work on their bicycle or sitting out at a park. Those two victims were chosen for no other reason than they were there."( And the fact that they were white)

 The first incident, the killing of Jerry Newingham, took place about 4 p.m in residential area, just east of the Monroe Quick Stop, a store with plenty of customers on busy North Monroe Street.

The nine teens, all between 14 and 16 years old, then scurried off in several groups. They met up again about 70 minutes later at Garfield Park, where they stomped on Kevin Wilson's head and body "like he was a trampoline," according to an eyewitness.

None of the teens knew the victims. Their motive was first reported as a game of "point 'em out, knock 'em out." But testimony at the trial revealed that they were looking for people to rob. However, once they began kicking and stomping Newingham, they apparently forgot to rob him. A wallet was taken from Wilson.

."Kroncke, a prosecutor for the past 14 years, said she had never before worked any case similar to this one, in which defendants killed someone they did not know and did so in a public place "where anyone could see them."

Read more: Elliott T. Murphy, 18, leader in stomping attacks, sentenced to 80 years
From the Herald & Review

Alabama woman murdered for yelling at a speeding car in her neighborhood to slow down

A white yelling at a racist black thug is a fatal offense these days. Just as a black man wolf whistling at a  white woman was in Mississippi in 1955.

trayon washington.jpg
MOBILE, Alabama -- A 17-year-old was arrested and charged with murder this morning in the shooting death of Wendy Fisher in her west Mobile neighborhood.

According to investigators, Fisher yelled at a speeding car driving past her house on Racine Avenue, warning them to slow down.

Police say Washington got out of the car and shot Fisher in the chest.

 Wendy Fisher.jpg

Miami couple murdered at gas station

Male victim "disrespected" the thugs because “he didn’t look scared enough.”So they shot him multiple times at point blank range!

Soler and his 24-year-old girlfriend, Kennia Durran, were ambushed and forced out of Soler’s 1997 Ford Mustand Cobra and shot, even though they had their hands up. It was an attempted robbery but nothing was stolen. Soler died at the scene and Durran was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital where she died....

 Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle revealed that one suspect, 16-year-old Eric Ellington, confessed that he shot 23-year-old Julian Soler multiple times because “he didn’t look scared enough.”

Dang! The kid was just 16. Younger than Trayvon. He cant be guilty" because he is just a child".

 “My daughter loved life, she loved her son and she always wanted to help people,” said Jacqueline Serra, who is Durran’s mother. “

“I don’t understand why this happened,” said Janine Diaz, who is Soler’s mother. “He did everything you’re supposed to do. He remained calm and this all backfired. I think about this every day. This was a kind kid. He was always helping his grandmother. He was always helping his grandfather. (with video)

Poignant press conference  of parents in video

 Drivers license photos of the victims


Anonymous said...

No comments? Come on. You should be thanked for your hard work on America's behalf.

Anonymous said...

It would take Decades to create a post on White racism against Blacks and lets not forget basically anyone who isn't White! Come on now this is Not American History. It's one racist person opinion. In American History there is a lot more White violence against Blacks even in 2013. You really need to learn your Black History. Everyone knows Till Did Not disrespect that White woman, the men were JEALOUS because they never saw a Black kids with confidence walk pass them and they wanted to "bring him down to where they thought he should be". It's also a fact in American that White people DO NOT teach their children about racism or Black History, they only teach them to be racist and see things in there point of of as right. White is Right! White Created the rules. Whites stole land, money, food women, people from EVER RACE they crossed!! Wake up! White is EVIL

Nicawawa said...

"White is EVIL"?

Sounds like you are a racist to make such a blanket statement about a whole race of people.Why am I not surprised?

In the mind of the racist white thug who murdered Emmit Till, he had disrespected him by reportedly wolf whistling at his wife. Likewise, in the mind of the racist black thugs who murdered these "13 white Emmit Tills" documented in this post, they had been disrespected by someone who was white yelling at them to slow down or stop blocking traffic or was riding a bicycle in their neighborhood or for some other trivial reason.

BTW,you should go the hedder at the top of the blog page and click on the link to the National Civil Rights Memorial where it documents a TOTAL OF 40 PEOPLE MURDERED by the Klan and its racist sympathizers in the USA during the Civil Rights Era from 1954 to 1968. Those murdered include Emmit Till, Medgar Evers, the 4 black children killed in the Birmingham Church bombing, etc, etc.

Now compare those 40 MURDERS in this Era when blacks were fighting for their civil rights against the Jim Crow Laws to the OVER TWO THOUSAND WHITES MURDERED by blacks documented on this blog. Many of these white victims were brutally and sadistically murdered, hate raped and then murdered, because of their race by racist black thugs. The evidence is overwhelming that this is so.

Yet racist white "liberals" and blacks turn a blind eye to this scandal yet dwell on trivial real or imagined white racism in "White Privilege", while they ignore this virulent,black racist violence against whites.

You are the one who needs to wake up from your racist dogma induced stupor and honestly judge this issue by the facts. And drop your racist hatred for white people while you are at it.

It may be difficult at first but you will feel better in the long run.Intellectual honesty is its own reward.

Anonymous said...

The blacks that you listed on this site as being evil and criminally insane are the same types of blacks that commit violent acts on blacks. It's a 1000 fold. Black on black is a lot more prominent than black on white.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that Emmett Till's father, Louis Till, was convicted of raping 3 Italian women, and murdering one of them in 1945 while in Italy with the US Army. He was hanged on 2 July 1945
You deserve a lot of thanks for putting together this list of crimes committed by blacks against whites, because the national media does everything in its power not to report these kind of stories.

Anonymous said...

was just looking at the fbi numbers for black on white,,,white on black crimes,there has to be a way to get this into the public arena loud enough and often enough for people to take notice...but most are happy to be bombarded by msnbc...there needs to be a far right news station that reports the truth

Anonymous said...

Racism won't go away because they won't be truthful about it. It goes both ways. In my life's experience black people have been more racist. I come across more and more people who are feeling this and are getting real tired of it. Black people need to get over it and fix their own community. They need to work more on becoming a functioning group then race baiting.

Anonymous said...

they all should have died.

BunBun4life said...

I think the best and funniest 'memorial' to emmet till was the one where the black people who owned the cemetery he was buried in DUG up his coffin and threw it AND HIM into an old shed to moulder up. you know, so the could make more money using his 'space'. This was, apparently, an act of respect because the other bodies got thrown into a ditch. XD XD

Okay, that's bad, I'm sorry - but when I read an article about cemetery owners had dug up and thrown a bunch of old bodies into a ditch and 'kinda' covered them up, in an effort to re.use the land, I KNEW they were black! And when I read OH JESUS poor emmet till even in death, blah blah - and then NOTHING, absolutely they were black. Clearly, I did verify this, but only so I could say I verified - no way anybody else would do that and not make international headlines for the next decade.

BunBun4life said...

@anonymous from August 4, 2014 (anonymous aka cowardly rat bastrd) when you say 'they all should have died' you only prove MORE that blacks are violent by nature - who else laughs and gets happy crushing people's heads beneath their feet and watching a human being having a 'death seizure'. Only YOU and pretty much anyone who's muslim.

As far as the OTHER anonymous idiot remarking that EVEN IN 2013 there was more white violence against blacks than the opposite - you are fool or a liar OR BOTH. That is a lie, that is completely false and you are disgusting whether you are lying or proving your ignorance.

Whites 'stole land, food, women' from 'ever' race (yeah, it's EVERY not ever) they met - HEY, SO HAVE BLACKS and the only reason they didn't do it even MORE to MORE races - is because they were too stupid to INVENT THE WHEEL or a boat longer than 6 feet long - so they never really left their parasite disease ridden continent - well, without a 'little help'. A group of people running around barefooted using wooden spears as weapons aren't going to have much luck against people with mechanical vehicles and rifles. But they did all those things and MORE to their own neighbors, their 'brethren' and black kin - to anybody else they could grab.

You are ridiculous, anyone intelligent enough to READ knows you're a liar or a fool - but, I guess that kind of real intelligence doesn't apply here.

vurana miles said...

This article is a good start documenting 'the other side of the story' which our MSM will never, ever permit to be published or broadcast.

But it's just a start, because there are thousands of cases like these which need documenting. Is that being done anywhere?

Actual decent white man said...

I was a police officer in a large city for 25 years. Started at age 22. When I started, in 1984, things were not so terrible. I enjoyed working in the predominantly black area where I was assigned. I got along well, and felt there was a good familiarity with the police. Slowly, that began to change when the gang culture became prominent in the 90s.

Businesses closed, and the whole section of town turned ugly and violent. Over the years I saw and heard many examples of racism and hate. The overwhelming majority was from the black community toward the white. I saw white persons victimized because of their race regularly. Robbing, beating, killing, raping, all due to skin color. I don't ever really remember a black person that was targeted by whites. It does happen, obviously, and when it does, the reaction is strong.

Blacks targeting whites, however, is a daily thing. It cast a chill over the PR types. They don't want to know. Speaking up might make it worse....That's victimization and fear straight out of countless corrupt and oppressive societies.