Black racism, and race hatred of non blacks is real,virulent, and commonplace. There is plenty of evidence of this.

Although the violent black racists surely are a minority of the total black population, plenty of them are evident by their statements and writings, and evident in the interracial violent crime statistics

It is the goal of this blog to honestly address the documented evidence of this black racism and race hatred, knowing full well that the subject is taboo in the "liberal" Dogma, and that puts this blog at considerable risk being shut down for even raising the issue.

In doing so, this blog will also document evidence of the Corrupt Liberal Media ignoring, spinning away, or even censoring this widespread, black racism and hatred of non blacks from the American people.

Hopefully the moderators at Google have enough intellectual honesty and integrity to resist the totalitarian efforts from the left to shut it down.

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These crime cases are only a small fraction of the black on white violent crime, most of it motivated by race hatred. By contrast, white on black violent crime in modern times is extremely rare. Just try to find examples of it on the internet and you will see just how rare it is!

For perspective, a total of 40 people were murdered by white racists in the South in the Civil Rights Era, 1954 to 1968, according the the national Civil Rights Memorial LINK


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." Martin Luther King

"We can easily understand a child for being afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when adults are afraid of the light" Plato

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"The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is the duty of the living to do so for them"


Friday, March 30, 2012

145 whites murdered in their own home by invading black thugs.

77 murdered at this LINK

12 murdered at this LINK

28 more murdered at this LINK

13 murdered at this LINK 

12 murdered at this LINK
Another 3 whites murdered in their homes documented below:

Brutal   sexual attacks by blacks on elderly whites have the highest race hatred metrics of all interracial  crimes. This hate rape of this elderly white victim and the murder of her disabled white friend is a classic example.

Dorothy Lawson testified that she had been assisting Bill Burton, age 79, her deceased husband's brother-in-law, in his rehabilitation following hip surgery. Mrs. Lawson was at Mr. Burton's trailer home the night of April 2, 2001, and was watching television with Mr. Burton when she heard someone knock on the door.

It was about 7:45 p.m. but still light outside. She opened the front door, and a man pushed passed her. She recognized the man as the person she had seen next door. She later identified that person as Mr. Isom. He walked over to Mr. Burton and, standing near him, said, "I want some money." Mr. Burton replied that he currently had no money but that his social security check was coming tomorrow. Mr. Isom pulled a pair of broken scissors from his pants' back pocket and threatened Mr. Burton. Mr. Burton gave him two $100 bills and another forty dollars. Mr. Isom became angry and said he wanted more.
"Its gonna get worse than this before the night is over"

He made Mr. Burton stand up and walk towards the bedroom. He then made Mr. Burton lie down on the floor in the hallway. Mr. Isom next grabbed Mrs. Lawson and told her to remove her pants and underwear and lie down in the hallway near Mr. Burton. Mr. Isom raped her vaginally, forced her to have oral sex with him, and raped her anally. During the rapes, Mrs. Lawson testified that she could clearly see his face. When she complained about the pain, Mr. Isom said: "It's going to be worse than this before the night's over."

Mr. Isom forced Mrs. Lawson into a closet. When she later looked out and told Mr. Isom to stop standing on Mr. Burton's head because he was old, Mr. Isom forced her back into the closet and said: "I know he's old. That's why I want to hurt him." She next saw Mr. Isom lying on top of Mr. Burton.

She attacked Mr. Isom and in the process cut her hand on his scissors. She bled on Mr. Isom, which enraged him, and he said: "You're going to get it now." He demanded the diamond rings worn by Mr. Burton. Mrs. Lawson gave Mr. Isom her ring instead. Mr. Isom took her into the bedroom and knocked her unconscious. When she awoke, Mr. Isom was choking her. Mrs. Lawson testified that she could plainly see his face. She passed out again, and when she awoke some time later, she was alone. There was warm blood on the back of her head and rattling in her chest due to internal bleeding. She discovered that she was paralyzed on one side.

On April 3, 2001, Erma Shook, a neighbor and relative of Bill Burton's, entered the side door of his trailer home after 8:00 a.m. and heard Mrs. Lawson crying for help. Ms. Shook dialed 9-1-1 from Mr. Burton's trailer home. Mrs. Lawson told Sergeant King that a black male who lived next door was the assailant.

7 black thugs terrorize elderly white couple in brutal home invasion

The Corrupt Liberal Media have censored the race of the victims in this story as they often do. But a search of the address shows it to be in an upscale, probably, majority white neighborhood.

Seven Oklahoma City teenagers were arrested on complaints of robbery and aggravated assault and battery after an older couple were bound, beaten and threatened with a gun during a home invasion.

Robert Jett, 78, and Joan Jett, 74, were at their home in the 300 block of Ranchwood Manor Drive about 4 a.m. July 28 when someone rang their doorbell, according to a police report.

When Robert Jett answered the door, a man said he had been in a car wreck and needed to use the phone. The man pushed his way into the house and put a handgun in Robert Jett's mouth, authorities said. Six more people came inside the house and started asking where the couple kept their money.

Robert Jett told police he was kicked in the groin and stomach several times. The Jetts then were tied up while their house was ransacked for about half an hour. The men eventually left in the Jetts' car after taking a small amount of cash, checkbooks and papers.

 Another white man murdered in his home by 4 invading black thugs
October 22, 2010
A 30-year-old Winter Springs man who prosecutors say set up the robbery of a Longwood man who was shot to death on his front porch, agreed to a 20-year plea deal.

Shaun Moxey was not the triggerman, but he was the suspected ringleader.
On Feb. 29, 2008, Sam Stiverson came to his front door and was confronted by two men – Moxey and 16-year-old Juan-Enrique Romero......

Thug celebrates murdering white home owner by buying himself a steak dinner with victims credit card


Police said Nigel Marcotte, 42, was stabbed to death in his Lenexa home in December 2005 because he left his garage door open.

Prosecutors said Charles "Kris" Riddle, of Olathe, stole the victim's credit cards and used two of them
 Investigators said Riddle used two of the stolen credit cards in Platte County, one was at a grocery store, the other was "at an Outback Steakhouse about nine hours after the homicide to buy Mr. Riddle and a couple of his buddies dinner there and drinks," Assistant Johnson County District Attorney Rick Guinn said.

 "He was a wonderful man, a wonderful husband and he's missed every day by numerous people," said Reina Marcotte, Nigel's widow.,%20KS.jpg