Black racism, and race hatred of non blacks is real,virulent, and commonplace. There is plenty of evidence of this.

Although the violent black racists surely are a minority of the total black population, plenty of them are evident by their statements and writings, and evident in the interracial violent crime statistics

It is the goal of this blog to honestly address the documented evidence of this black racism and race hatred, knowing full well that the subject is taboo in the "liberal" Dogma, and that puts this blog at considerable risk being shut down for even raising the issue.

In doing so, this blog will also document evidence of the Corrupt Liberal Media ignoring, spinning away, or even censoring this widespread, black racism and hatred of non blacks from the American people.

Hopefully the moderators at Google have enough intellectual honesty and integrity to resist the totalitarian efforts from the left to shut it down.

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These crime cases are only a small fraction of the black on white violent crime, most of it motivated by race hatred. By contrast, white on black violent crime in modern times is extremely rare. Just try to find examples of it on the internet and you will see just how rare it is!

For perspective, a total of 40 people were murdered by white racists in the South in the Civil Rights Era, 1954 to 1968, according the the national Civil Rights Memorial LINK


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." Martin Luther King

"We can easily understand a child for being afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when adults are afraid of the light" Plato

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Black race hatred and the mass murder of 188 whites LINK

DISCLAIMER,Mixed motives and further research LINK

Black race hatred in "street crime" 301 whites murdered by 24 black serial killers LINK

112 killed by affirmative action LINK , 961 whites murdered in their own home LINK

1051 different, documented attacks for being white on a public street, 675 murdered LINK

104 elderly white women hate raped/murdered by black offenders LINK

104 whites murdered by blacks in 12 massacres LINK

672 different workplace attacks, 581 murdered by black thugs LINK

27 "White Emmet Tills" LINK

Black men and white women, intimate partner homicide, 229 murders, LINK

The Institutionalized White Guilt Complex which supports and enables black racist violence against whites LINK

"The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is the duty of the living to do so for them"


Thursday, May 31, 2012

And now for something completely different!

Another month gone by. Time to take a break from the heart sickening stories of  violent crime that are the daily fare of this blog.

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Oh well, back to the daily grind tomorrow  of  documenting and cataloging examples of black racism and violent crime.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

29 more murdered in the workplace by black thugs

Victim murdered waiting in line at store in Baltimore

"He came up, cut her, then left. She had no opportunity to struggle"

Witnesses told investigators a 24-year-old woman, identified as Aysha Dawn Ring of southeast Baltimore, was waiting at the cash register to make a purchase when someone came up behind her and grabbed her before cutting her in the neck.

Ring was taken to Shock Trauma, where she was pronounced dead.

“There was no struggle,” said police spokesman Bill Toohey. “He came up, cut her, then left. She had no opportunity to struggle.”

Police said when Ring went into the store, she had passed three men who had been playing Keno but had gone outside for a cigarette. One of the men came back in and killed her, officials said.

The suspect is described as a black male, 20 to 30 years old and is 6 feet 1 inch tall. He weighs about 230 pounds, police said.


November 25, 2008
BALTIMORE--......Police charged David Aaron Briggs, 23, of Woodlawn, with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Aysha Ring at Charring Cross Liquors on Saturday afternoon.

The Outback Steakhouse Massacre in Texas

Another probable affirmative hire with a racist chip on his shoulder

 On September 1st 2003, police investigate a triple murder at the Outback Steakhouse in Texarkana, Texas. Matt Hines, Chrissy Willis and Rebecca Shifflett were found shot to death inside.

   Outback employee Rebecca Shifflett was pregnant when she was killed. Rebecca's Mother:" She was just glowing, she had that pregnancy glow about her"
   At the time of the funeral her mother described the only way Rebecca would ever hold her child. Shifflett's mother: "They delivered the baby when they did the autopsy so the baby is going to be buried in her arms.

prosecutors had asked jurors to come back with a death sentence for the killings of Rebecca "Becky" Shifflett, Chrystal "Chrissy" Willis and Matthew Hines.

Hines was the proprietor of Texarkana's Outback Steakhouse, having worked himself up in the restaurant chain. Shifflett was the general manager and Willis was the assistant manager.

"Stephon Walter went in and carried out a retaliation, revenge killing when he had been written up, reprimanded and fired by the same people he executed," argued Bowie County Assistant District Attorney Mike Shepherd.

"He admitted to his own mother that he was the mastermind of this crime. These murders were done in cold blood. They were ruthless. They were calculating. He's proven to be a thief and a liar and now he's proven to be a violent felon,"

Nine whites murdered in the GMAC Massacre in Florida

Upset over his car being repossessed  for non payment
. He entered the building through the front door, armed with his M1 carbine, a .38-caliber revolver, several loaded magazines and his pockets packed with ammunition, and, without saying a word, immediately began shooting with the M1 carbine at two customers at the front counter. Julia Burgess was killed and 25-year-old David Hendrix was wounded by four shots. 

Walking through the open office he then systematically, though discontinuously moved from desk to desk and shot at the GMAC workers, often deliberately aiming at people hiding under their tables.

Drew Woods was the first to be shot at his desk, followed by Cynthia Perry and Barbara Holland nearby, as well as 42-year-old Phyllis Griggs, who was injured. When the GMAC employees realized what was going on, many of them escaped through a back door of the building, while Pough started picking off those ducking for cover, and shot, one after the other, Janice David, Sharon Hall, Jewell Belote, Lee Simonton, Denise Highfill, Ron Echevarria and Nancy Dill. 

He then put the .38-caliber revolver to his head and committed suicide. In just about two minutes Pough had fired at least 28 rounds from his rifle, hitting 11 of the 85 workers at the office, as well as the two customers. Six of his victims and the gunman himself died at the scene, while another three died at hospital, the last being Jewell Belote, who succumbed to his wounds nine days after the shooting.[1][3][5

  • Jewell Belote, 50, died on June 27
  • Julia White Burgess, 42
  • Janice David, 40
  • Sharon Louise Hall, 45
  • Denise Sapp Highfill, 36
  • Barbara Duckwall Holland, 45
  • Cynthia L. Perry, 30
  • Lee Simonton, 33
  • Drew Woods, 38

The Chuck E Cheese Massacre of 4 white employees in Colorado

AURORA, Colo. — A former kitchen worker who had been fired was arrested in a shooting rampage at a family restaurant that left four employees dead, authorities said Wednesday.

A fifth employee survived despite being shot in the jaw, and managed to alert police.

Nathan Dunlap, 19, was being held for investigation of four counts of first-degree murder in the slayings Tuesday night at the Chuck E Cheese restaurant in this Denver suburb. The victims were shot in the head.

"It appears he may have held a grudge over his firing and went in and . . . shot the five employees," said Mike Stiers, chief of the Aurora Police Investigative Division.
The Colorado Supreme Court today upheld the conviction of an ex-employee, Nathan Dunlap in the 1993 slayings of four employees at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Aurora and ordered that the court set a date for Dunlap's execution.

Killed in the Dec. 14, 1993, shooting spree were (four white employees) Ben Grant, 17; Colleen O'Connor, 17; Sylvia Crowell, 19; and Margaret Kohlberg, 50.

Thug brothers murder two workers at St Louis restaurant

Both brothers worked at the restaurant earlier.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY • A man who participated in a robbery that left two workers dead at a south St. Louis County Steak 'n Shake pleaded guilty Monday in a deal that would spare his own life but could mean a death sentence for his brother, who investigators say actually pulled the trigger.

Anthony D. Akins, 23, pleaded guilty to two reduced counts of second-degree murder in a hearing before St. Louis County Circuit Court Judge Richard Bresnahan.

He also agreed to cooperate in the first-degree murder case against his brother, Oundr'e T. Akins, 22, who is alleged to be the gunman who killed waitress Tammy L. Cantrell, 44, and cook Mark L. Gerstner, 24, at the restaurant at 5828 Lindbergh Boulevard early Nov. 10, 2008...

Delivery man attacked at New York school by feral youths aged 11 to 14

Black majority schools dangerous to deliver to.

 Osman Daramy,12, and Krystal Callender, 13, are led out of court. They are suspected of attacking a Muslim students and mugging delivery man Elis Misaud.

 On March 15, Elis Misaud, the delivery guy for Frank’s Pizzeria, carried two boxes with cheese pies and two liters of soda to the front entrance of Berta Dreyfus Intermediate School 49. Teachers had ordered the refreshments for an after-school tutoring program. The snacks never arrived.

It was 4 p.m., broad daylight, when they pounced. Two girls and five boys, aged 11 to 14, surrounded Misaud and pummeled his face with fists.

“They punched me on my head, grabbed the pizza and soda, and ran,” said Misaud, 21.

The stunned Misaud said he went inside to the report the mugging, and left. The school never paid the $21.50 tab. And his attackers didn’t bother to hide. They sat under a tree on school grounds, munching on their booty.

The brazen robbery by baby-faced bandits has touched off a war on Staten Island, where neighbors and business owners are demanding that the city Department of Education do something about the fight-plagued school — one of the most dangerous in the city.

“There’s a cry from the neighborhood that this school is out of control. We need somebody to take charge,” said Stapleton businessman Peter Lisi, a member of the Staten Island Community Watch Council.

Teachers, afraid of retaliation by their supervisors as well as the young ruffians, are voicing desperation in leaked messages to the media.
Upscale boutique trashed by thugs in Manhattan


Corrupt Liberal Media censors race of perps odds are that they were black

A Manhattan boutique owner who wound up with more than 70 stitches after confronting a shoplifter said on Wednesday he was only "protecting what I worked so hard for."

 Richard Ives, 46, was tossed through the display window of his Orchard St. shop, Pilgrim, and was dripping blood as he tackled one of the suspects.

Ives said he knew the instant the three men and a woman came into his store Tuesday evening that something was amiss.

"I could tell that there was something off kilter about it right away," said Ives, who was back at his West Village home Wednesday afternoon
Ives said the group wandered around the store, picking up merchandise and putting it down in different locations, before asking the price of the $2,200 Chanel "maxi" bag in sand-colored suede that was in the store's window.

 he crew fled — with a gold Anne Klein mesh necklace worth approximately $600 — but was chased down by Ives' neighbors and held until police could arrive.

Doctors had to put more than 70 stitches into his forehead, the back of his head and his arms and hands, and parts of his skull were protruding when he arrived at Bellevue Medical Center, he said. He said a CAT scan revealed no brain injuries.

Police have arrested Dennis Brunson, 20, of Midtown; Travis Sims, 29, of Harlem; and Enjolie Evans, 23, of Harlem, in conjunction with the attack.

Benson was carrying a necklace, which he allegedly admitted stealing, when he was caught by police, according to the complaint. Evans allegedly had a wire cutter and a host of other merchandise with the pricetags still attached, according to the complaint.

Read more:

Police officer murdered in Mississippi by black thug

Officer Buford Dedeaux was shot and killed on June 8, 1979, at approximately 12:44 a.m., when he stopped to investigate a suspicious individual riding a bicycle near Yeager's Grocery Store on 25th Avenue north of 34th Street in Gulfport.

 After asking the individual to empty a small bag he was carrying, the individual, produced a .25 caliber handgun and shot Officer Dedeaux twice. After being shot Dedeaux requested assistance by radio but died shortly after the arrival of assisting officers. The suspect had run away from the shooting scene. When the first policeman arrived he found Dedeaux lying mortally wounded on the driver's side of his police car front seat of the patrol car mortally wounded.

Arthur Ray Lanier was arrested approximately 5:00 p.m. the same day at his grandmother's residence in north Gulfport by Officer Prentiss Smith. Approximately 1:10 a.m. on Sunday, June 10, 1979, he made a videotaped statement in which he admitted shooting Dedeaux.


3 Michigan police officers murdered by black family

Mother and three sons murder policemen over bad check arrest


Alberta Easter, who along with three of her sons was involved in the infamous 1987 shootout at an Inkster motel where three Inkster police officers were killed, died Sunday.

Easter and three sons, George, Roy and William Lemons, were each serving three life sentences for the killing of Officers Clay Hoover, 24, Daniel Dubiel, 36, and Sgt. Ira Parker, 41. Sergeant Ira Parker | Inkster Police Department, Michigan

Florida teen attacks bus driver when told to pay fare

Race of bus driver censored by Corrupt Liberal Media. This attack  has the classic MO of a black thug going ballistic after  being "dissed" by a white victim*368/TYRONE+HUBBERT.jpg


If you thought riding the bus in Miami-Dade was a dangerous proposition, try driving one.
A Miami-Dade County bus driver was beaten with a belt by a passenger who was upset he actually had to pay to get a ride, police said Wednesday.

Tyrone Darell Hubbert, 18, was arrested and charged with battery after he allegedly whipped the bus driver.
Hubbert is in Miami-Dade jail on $5,000 bond.

According to an arrest report, the teen tried to pay the $2 bus fare by swiping his Social Security card. After several futile attempts, the unidentified bus driver told Hubbert he had to pay or get off the bus.

That's when Hubbert took off his belt and started swinging, hitting the bus driver several times as he drove, police said.

The alleged victim stopped the bus and was able to subdue Hubbert until the cops arrived.

6 murdered in city hall massacre in Missouri

Black contractor felt that he  had been "dissed" because he is required to obey city laws regulating contractors

The Kirkwood City Council shooting occurred on February 7, 2008, in Kirkwood, Missouri, United States; a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri in St. Louis County. A gunman went on a shooting rampage at a public meeting in the city hall, leaving six people dead and two others injured.

Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton a black contractor had amassed fines for illegal dumping on vacant lots and other numerous  parking and building permit violations and had a history of violent disruption of city commission meetings.

There was the name calling, the arrests, the lawsuit. But Thornton wasn't going to back down — not when the city was telling him that he was working without the proper permits, or parking his truck and construction equipment in the wrong places

He wasn't going to be "treated like a slave," a friend said.


The city offered to drop all the fines if he would stop disrupting the meetings but he refused the offer.

City offers generous settlement:

 " It appears to be beyond dispute that he refused an offer to have 100% of his city fines forgiven if he would leave the city council in peace, and that he chose instead to murder a number of people;
 Kirkwood offered to drop every single ticket if Thornton would stop harassing City Council. He declined, preferring bloodshed."

 Brother explains his motives:
'Understand that this was an act of war by my brother. That this was not a random rampage,'
`He felt that as a black contractor he was being singled out,' said Hodges, who is black. `I guess he thought mentally he had no more recourse".

  Thornton's brother, Gerald Thornton, quoted by  MSNBC (Brother had previously served time for murder)

Murdering thug considered a hero by some in black community:

 It is definitely noteworthy, and documented in many media outlets (but mainly the StL Post Dispatch), that members of the community praised Thornton. There were many signs around the Meecham Park neighborhood that memorialized Thornton but said nothing of his victims. A few people even went so far as to call him a "Hero" at subsequent community meetings regarding the event.

 From the blog of Nicholas Stix:

Murder victims:

"Sergeant Biggs was a “cool, calm” man who had been a cattle rancher in Colorado, before returning home to the St. Louis County area to become a Kirkwood city policeman 20 years ago.

Officer Ballman had been a Marine, a corrections officer for two years, and a Kirkwood city policeman for eight. The old Marine’s ability to defuse prison conflicts was legendary.

DPW Kenneth Yost, known both for his strict adherence to rules, and for his helpfulness towards citizens navigating the city codes, had been married for 41 years to his high school sweetheart, the former Cathy Voss.

Councilman Michael Lynch was an architect and Special Business District booster.

Councilwoman Connie Karr, a former journalist, planned on running for mayor.

(Mayor Mike Swoboda, 69, critically wounded, died 7 months later.);

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

28 more workplace  murders of white victims

Deputy murdered in North Carolina

Kinston, N.C. — A Nash County sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in Kinston Thursday night while trying to serve a warrant in a murder investigation, authorities said.

Investigator Warren "Sneak" Lewis, 38, who was assigned to the U.S. Marshals Service, went to a house at 602 W. Lenoir Ave. around 7 p.m. to serve outstanding warrants for murder, authorities said. Someone opened fire as Lewis and another marshal approached the house, killing him.

Authorities detained five people, including three wanted in the June 2 death of Thomas Hinton, 31, who was shot in the chest .....

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Massacre in Texas

On the evening of September 23, 1983, just before the restaurant closed, armed robbers held up the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Kilgore, Texas, USA
The five people in the restaurant at the time (who were either employees of the restaurant or were waiting for someone there) were abducted, taken to a nearby field, and each executed in the back of the head with the exception of the manager who ran and was also shot in the head.

The victims' bodies were discovered by local police and Texas Rangers, and were identified as: David Maxwell (20), Joey Johnson (20), Monty Landers (19), Mary Tyler (37) and Opie Hughes (38).

Elderly restaurant owner murdered in New Jersey

Authorities have released surveillance photos and videos in hopes of catching the killer of a beloved diner owner. Chafic "Steve" Ezzeddine, 71, was found murdered in Kenvil Diner in Roxbury last Saturday evening

Two police officers murdered in North Carolina

Incompetent black detective, probably an affirmative action hire, blotches the case.
Demeatrius Montgomery and Detective Arvin Fant

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer whose botched notes took the death penalty off the table in the trial of a convicted cop killer has given up his fight.

Due to Fant's errors, the families of slain CMPD Officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton didn't get the justice they wanted.

During last year's trial of Demeatrius Montgomery, Fant admitted he fabricated interviews and that he cut and pasted notes from other officers' reports........

Racist black thug murders 5 white employees in Florida massacre

Another probable affirmative action hire gone bad.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 10— A man who killed five former co-workers left a suicide note saying he wanted "to punish some of the cowardly, racist devils" responsible for dismissing him from his city job, the authorities said today. 

The gunman, Clifton McCree, who was black, fired at least 13 bullets into an all-white group of parks employees on Friday, then killed himself with a bullet to his head, the police said.

Mr. McCree, who had worked with all the employees except one, shot them as they sat at a conference table eating breakfast. The workers cleaned city beaches and parks.

"I'm glad I did it," he wrote in the letter, found in his pants pocket
That letter, his personnel file and a recording of a 911 call were released today by the police and other city officials.

Mr. McCree, 41, was dismissed  because he had failed a drug test. He said in the note that the test was unfair.

Clifton McCree's victims - Joe Belotto, Mark Bretz, Ken Brunjes, Tim Clifford, and Don Moon Jr.

 Fired black thug returns to work place to murder 4 whites in South Carolina

Another probable affirmative action hire who was an ex convict, goes bad

Wise was a 6-foot-4 ex-con who weighed in at more than 250 pounds and spent almost 15 years cleaning up his life, but still seemed to enjoy intimidating co-workers by talking about his time in prison for breaking into a house and robbing a bank.

After 4 years working at the Aiken Lawn Mower Ignition Plant, he was fired after a violent confrontation with a supervisor. He returned to the plant weeks later for revenge.

Security guard Stanley Vance watched Wise pull up in his car at the 3 p.m. shift change and, armed with a semiautomatic pistol, Wise fired a bullet into Vance's chest, yanked out the phone lines in the guard shack and told the guard "I got things to do."

Entering through a side door, witnesses testified Wise went directly to the personnel office and shot 56-year-old Charles Griffeth twice in the back.Griffeth had fired Wise two months earlier. 
Next up was the tool and dye area, where Wise had hoped to work. He began firing his pistol at everyone around, killing 30-year-old David Moore and 31-year-old Leonard Filyaw and wounding two others.
 By then, panicked workers were scrambling to get out. Wise kept going, finding 27-year-old Sheryl Wood, who got a quality control job he wanted. He shot her in the back and leg, then put a bullet in her head.

Sheryl Wood W / F / 27
Charles Griffeth W / M / 56
David Moore W / M / 30
Leonard Filyaw W / M / 31

Deputy critically injured in Oklahoma shooting

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Prosecutors say 28-year-old Christopher Baker and 18-year-old Keonta Prince ambushed Major John Waldenville as he left Cattlemen's Steakhouse in southwest Oklahoma City. Major Waldenville was working as a security guard at the restaurant and was heading to a bank to deposit money when he was shot in the head. The 60-year-old lost his right eye.....

8 murdered in the workplace at Connecticut beer distributing firm

Another probable affirmative action hire with a racist chip on his shoulder, caught stealing and forced to resign,, then goes ballistic and murders 8 whites in the workplace because it "was a racist place".

Ironically, the company was owned by liberal democrat supporters who had a record of supporting liberal political causes including black "civil rights" groups. The company claimed that Thornton never complained of racist harassment .

Omar Thornton was confronted with videotaped evidence that he had been stealing beer. Company officials then forced him to resign. He responded by going on a rampage, killing eight co-workers, wounding two others and then killing himself.........


 The 8 white victims of this  racist murderer

Sources say there were no racist photos on Omar Thornton's phone as he had claimed to police after he went on a shooting spree at Hartford Distributors in Manchester this summer.

video :

After the slayings, Thornton called 911 and complained to a state trooper that the beer distributing firm was "a racist place." 

Police yesterday issued a report that refuted the racism claims, saying Thornton "did not seem to understand the concept of seniority."

Lots of support  for this racist mass murderer in the black community:

"Omar Thorton is my HERO !"

Posted in the African-American Forum

"Black Shoplifter wrote:

A black man has stood up and tried to even the score by killing white people. It's about DAMN TIME.  I know Colin Ferguson is somewhere smiling...(Long Island Railray Massacre shooter).ALL HAIL OMAR THORTON ! hip hip hooray !"

Interesting that Thornton justified his mass murder by claiming that it was revenge against white racism and he seems to have plenty of supporters on  the above black forum. 
 This raises the obvious question of how many of the thousands and thousands of black on white violent rapists and murders feel this same racist revenge justification for their brutal crimes?

Nicholas Stix pegged it with this quote:

"Perhaps the oddest thing about the experts and police chiefs and reporters and editors and tenured professors who constantly tell us that these black-on-white atrocities aren’t racially motivated, is that blacks don’t believe that for a second.

They know that they are racially motivated, they say so, and they celebrate them for it."

Two police officers murdered in Florida

Thug accused of murdering 5 people including these two police officers.

Dontae Morris killed Tampa police Officers Jeffrey Kocab and David Curtis during a traffic stop on June 29, 2010, because he thought they were about to arrest him for murder. He was wrong. They wanted to arrest him on a bad-check warrant..