Black racism, and race hatred of non blacks is real,virulent, and commonplace. There is plenty of evidence of this.

Although the violent black racists surely are a minority of the total black population, plenty of them are evident by their statements and writings, and evident in the interracial violent crime statistics

It is the goal of this blog to honestly address the documented evidence of this black racism and race hatred, knowing full well that the subject is taboo in the "liberal" Dogma, and that puts this blog at considerable risk being shut down for even raising the issue.

In doing so, this blog will also document evidence of the Corrupt Liberal Media ignoring, spinning away, or even censoring this widespread, black racism and hatred of non blacks from the American people.

Hopefully the moderators at Google have enough intellectual honesty and integrity to resist the totalitarian efforts from the left to shut it down.

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These crime cases are only a small fraction of the black on white violent crime, most of it motivated by race hatred. By contrast, white on black violent crime in modern times is extremely rare. Just try to find examples of it on the internet and you will see just how rare it is!

For perspective, a total of 40 people were murdered by white racists in the South in the Civil Rights Era, 1954 to 1968, according the the national Civil Rights Memorial LINK


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." Martin Luther King

"We can easily understand a child for being afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when adults are afraid of the light" Plato

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Monday, March 4, 2013

How Hollywood floods our culture with  Cultural Marxist views on race

 Shifting gears again. 

Now, whenever I document an additional 40 murders of whites by black racist violence, I will include another post on the bogus white guilt complex that helps to enable and support  these racist murders.

The number 40 is significant because 40 is the TOTAL number of victims of white racist violence in the Civil Rights Era, from 1954 through 1968, as documented by the National Civil Rights Memorial. LINK

 Yet this blog has documented over 2,000 black on white murders so far, many of which are motivated by race hatred against whites. This number is but a small fraction of the total number of the tens of thousands of whites slain by black thugs since the Jim Crow Laws ended in 1965.

The  "liberal" white racists like Tim Wise ,Noel Ignatiev, and the other elite of the Institutionalized Guilt Complex are not just misguided, they know exactly what they are doing! 

And so does Quentin Tarantino, whose latest movie,Django Unchained, is a graphic, violent, black on white hate  movie.
Cultural Marxist propagandist of  race hatred against whites, Quentin Tarantino

 Yet the denial of this fact in the Corrupt Liberal Media and even in some conservative circles, is predictable. His apologists say that violent movies are just what he does and the fact that this one is a racist revenge movie is of no consequence. Yet anyone who has read through the documented evidence of black racist hatred of whites on this blog realizes the horrific, real world, consequences of it.

Black race hatred of whites  has its consequences

Granted, the man makes a lot of violent movies like Kill Bill and Inglorious Bastards and the Hispanic hate white people movie, Machete, but lets us analyze the obvious racial hate in Django Unchained.

For starters, when the actor who plays the black hero in the movie, Jammie Foxx gloated on Saturday Night Live about  his role in the movie where:

 "I get to kill ALL the white people!" 

"How great is that? How black is that? "

to the raucous cheers and laughter from the audience

Jamie Foxx Hosts Saturday Night Live, Jokes About Killing All the White People in Django

"The jokes that resonate the most with an audience are those jokes that the audience can relate to. Black comedians keep telling "killing white people" jokes about Django because they know that many people in their target audience, fellow black people, and guilt tripping white "liberals" can relate to that desire.  This Speaks volumes even if they are allegedly just jokes."

" We shootin’ white people in this movie. The black dude leaves with his girl into the sunset. There can be no happier movie than that."
 Black  Actor/comedian Donnell Rawlings

 Comments on Twitter about murdering white people by  viewers of Django Unchained right after it was released:
We need a modern dy django to kill some white people
BushBaby @bendiwrendi
i wanna shoot a gun.. i wanna take self defense classes.. i wanna shoot white people.. and i wanna watch django again

  Cole Grant @colevpgrant
django made me wanna kill so many white people

  jah red @jaredsLayre
I think I'm gonna just become a bounty hunter like django, cus I too would love to shoot some white folk

 I just saw Django and I lowkey wanna shoot some white ppl lmao.—
Dominic Arterberry (@DomUniqueee) January 04, 2013

  Matthew. J V C @MattJVC
Django makes every black person wanna shoot a white person in the face deep down inside

But last night, all the listings for the “Django” toys were yanked from the website — and eBay explained itself to sellers with an email, saying, “Since the manufacturer of this product has discontinued the item’s sale due to its potentially offensive nature, we are not allowing it to be sold on eBay.”

eBay also cautioned the sellers not to re-list the items.

A rep for the auction website confirmed the story, telling us, “These [toys] were removed as they were in violation of our Offensive Materials policy.”

The controversial “Django Unchained” action figures have officially been DISCONTINUED ... after several African American groups called for a boycott of the dolls ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the toy production tell us ... shortly after advocacy groups like Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and Project Islamic Hope spoke out against the figurines ... the Weinstein Company (which produced the film) reached out to the toy company and told them to put the kibosh on the toy line ASAP.

We're told the toy company agreed, insisting they never intended to offend anyone ... and halted production immediately.

Read more:

The Weinstein Brothers, whose company produced Django Unchained
Photo: The Weinstein Brothers are a Hollywood Staple who's movies span the entire spectrum of genres. The fact that they'd produce this movie and release it on Christmas day and then be distributed by Columbia (owned by SONY) shows how mainstream hatred of white people and Christianity is in Hollywood.

Do you think the Weinstein Brothers would produce an anti-Jewish movie and release it on Yom Kippur?
The Weinstein Brothers who produced Django Unchained

"The Weinstein Brothers a Hollywood Staple who's movies span the entire spectrum of genres. The fact that they'd produce this movie and release it on Christmas day and then be distributed by Columbia (owned by SONY) shows how mainstream hatred of white people and Christianity is in Hollywood.

Do you think the Jewish Weinstein Brothers would produce an anti-Jewish movie and release it on Yom Kippur?"


A hate rape movie of blacks gang raping a white woman, one of  Tarintino's favorite films

By all accounts this movie has dismal dialogue and acting and cinematography, yet Tarintino lists it as one of his "favorite films". He is obviously relating to the racist gang hate rapes of the abducted helpless white victim. It is easy to see where he is coming from.
In 2005 Tarantino was host of the Quentin Tarantino Film festival in Austin, Texas. All the movies were identified as Tarantino’s “favorite films” and came from his own collection of original films. One of the movies that Tarantino picked as a favorite was the 1976 XXX-rated rape porn “Hot Summer In The City.” Tarantino stated that it was “the greatest porno of all time.”

According to the International Movie Database it features a white female virgin being gang raped by “black militants.” The males yell racial slurs during the assault. It is part of an extremely controversial genre of “rape porn” that shows graphic depictions of violent sexual assaults against women.
The gang hate raping of a white woman by racist blacks is the plot of one of Tarantino's "favorite films"

Tarantino concealed the movie in literature for the film festival. It was simply billed as “Midnight Mystery Movie” on literature.

Django Unchained is hard-core Cultural Marxism. Supporters of this doctrine believe that the best way to get the American public to accept Marxism and Totalitarianism is to denigrate, defame, and ridicule Western Civilization, moral values, Christianity, and the family unit. It was devised by the Frankfurt School in the 1930s.

The movie is being released on Christmas Day as a way of denigrating Christmas and the Christian faith.

The Senate Majority Leader, Democratic senator Harry Reid praises Django Unchained

He calls the racist hate movie, Django Unchained, one of the "two best motion pictures of the year".


 The Senate majority leader said, “It's significant that 150 years after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, we are still considering in film, in photo, in art, and activism how to eradicate slavery's unsavory successors.” Reid was speaking at a ceremony unveiling Rosa Parks' statue in the Capitol. Parks is the first black woman to be honored with a statue there.

Tarintinos next movie, more of the same racist violence against whites

More black on white murders on screen means even more black on white beatings, hate rapes, and murders in real life.

Speaking to The Root, the always excitable director revealed that he has an idea brewing for his next movie that would involve a group of black troops who after being screwed over by the American military, go on an bloody apache warpath through Europe as they head to Switzerland after the 1944 Normandy invasion.  


The working title for the movie is Killer Crow and it’s already half written, so could conceivably be a go-project in the next 12/18 months.

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